Dixon Valve Dn-12, 3/4" Tube Od Instrumentation Nut

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Applications Applications include: high pressure, high temperature, nitrogen, helium, flammable gases, hydraulic gases and corrosive media

Always use proper thread lubricant and sealants on tapered pipe threads

Elongation could occur in the tubing, shrinking the wall thickness and cause potential harm

Features Double collet ferrule swaging action Two positive seal points Construction ASTM material construction 316 stainless steel Compatibility amp Interchange Data Fully interchangeable with Swagelok 174 and Parker A-Lok 174 fittings Installation Cut tubing squarely and clean tube end thoroughly to remove burrs

For proper sealing it is recommended that the tubing and fittings be of like material

Insert tubing into the assembly making sure the tubing seats firm against the shoulder of the body and the nut is finger tight

It is not recommended to go beyond the pressure rating of the tubing

Make sure all fittings are properly installed

Never bleed a system by loosening a fitting.

Note Instrumentation fittings come completely assembled

Safety notes Never connect, disconnect or remake a fitting with pressure in the system

Tighten the nut with a wrench 1-1/4 turns, while holding the body with a second wrench